Aruna Sankaranarayanan


Difficult conversations

An open mind is the key to a meaningful dialogue. Rohini’s good friend keeps forgetting to repay her after borrowing money. After the seventh or eighth instance, Rohini tells herself that she is not going to loan [pb_blockquote component_description=”Blockquote” author=”Fyodor…

Teaching & Learning

When feedback is meaningful

Positive comments can make a dramatic difference to sagging motivation levels. Nita is elated when her professor hands back her Zoology exam answer sheets. She has topped the class and eagerly scans her paper for her teacher’s comments. [pb_blockquote component_description=”Blockquote”…


Bread-winners, and caregivers too

While planning one’s career, it is important that both men and women should be prepared to shoulder caregiving responsibilities. Just as students complete their formal education and enter the workforce, both men and women exhibit similar levels of zeal. Prospects…


Feeling left out?

You are chatting with three friends at the college canteen. A fourth classmate approaches your group and invites the other three to see the new house his family has moved into.   [pb_blockquote component_description=”Blockquote” author=”Fyodor Dostoyevsky”]I can see the sun,…