Aruna Sankaranarayanan


Branch out

Is it more prudent to work on a project with a pinpointed, penetrative focus or to spread your wings by investing your energies in diverse domains? While the former may help you meet an upcoming deadline and may be used…


The year ‘work’ changed

2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year of the pandemic. Covid-19 caused careers to careen and the abrupt changes that were thrust on an unsuspecting world had a huge socio-cultural impact. People were confined indoors, businesses shut shop …


Best isn’t always better

Soon after graduation, you receive a job offer that seems ‘decent’. The job meshes with your core strengths, the pay is reasonable and the company’s culture aligns with your personal values. You would be more than willing to take up the…


Let it go

While it is normal to feel guilty for our wrongdoings, don’t let it consume you. A friend spilled out his heart to you about a recent break-up. While you didn’t mean to gossip, you conveyed this fact to another mutual…