Praise for the Book

“This book has a great deal of wise advice from a psychologist with an Indian perspective directed at those entering a life stage when a career and marital decisions have to be made. It deserves careful reading.”

Dr. Jerome Kagan

Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Harvard University &Author of On Being Human: Why Mind Matters

“This beautifully written book represents a remarkable convergence of ongoing theoretical knowledge about human development and the author’s unique insights into the challenges and choices of our young. It should be required reading for the next generation and those who teach and nurture them.”

Dr. Maryanne Wolf

Director, Center for Dyslexia, Diverse Learners, and Social Justice, UCLA& Author of Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World

How do you transform the tumultuous twenties into the terrific twenties? Zero Limits provides the solutions. Through illustrative examples, the author discusses with the evolving adult how to handle various aspects of life during the twenties, including the right kind of sweat and toil in whatever one is doing- whether learning ‘Chess, Chinese or Cha-cha-cha.’ A must-read for all millennials, parents, and teachers.”

Dr. Pratima Murthy

Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences

Many books have been written about children and teenagers.But somehow many of us believe that once a person grows up and becomes an adult, he or she knows how to take care of oneself. This is a unique book that caters to the concerns, lifestyle, future and present of those who have already reached their twenties.
Giving lucid narrations of real life cases covering a wide range, the book steers clear of giving sermons, but does a wonderful job of providing thought-provoking tips through case studies that bring different characters to life, giving deep insights into career, leisure, reading habits, healing emotional hurts, practicing mindfulness; and of course important issues such as marriage, handling the older generation – and various emotional situations that young people tend to ignore till they are actually hit with them.
The book has excellent practical guidelines of dealing with social media, mental and physical health, gender issues, backed up by quotes from some of the renowned experts from all over the world.”

Dr. AliKhwaja

“Counsellor & Founder, Banjara Academy& Author of All About Mental Health

“In these rapidly changing times, old wisdom often has no relevance to young people’s lives, complicated as it is with new expectations, pervasive digital technology, and a bewildering array of choices in courses, careers…and ways of living. This book comes at an opportune moment. Drawing on a mix of in-depth interviews with young people, primary and secondary research across diverse fields from psychology to education to sociology, the author offers examples and advice that is as practical as it is deep. The anecdotes are pithy but telling, the chapters are short but packed with uncommon sense. The book speaks to millennials who are looking for direction or dealing with life’s many dilemmas, as well as to educators, parents, and counselors who wish to understand how to help navigate today’s world.”

Dr. Usha Raman

Professor, Dept of Communications, Universityof Hyderabad; Editor, Teacher Plus& Author of writing for the Media.

This book is ample proof of Dr.Aruna’s rich and vast experience of working with young people.Her wisdom, insight and understanding of the current generation are palpable. With warmth and exceptional readability, she has offered the perfect primer for the young people ‘to define yourself on your own terms.’
This book can also be used as supplementary reading for post-graduate courses in social work and clinical psychology.An eye-opening book which also will hopefully open the minds and hearts of the young.”

Dr. Lakshmi Vijaykumar

Founder, SNEHA & Head of Dept. Psychiatry, VHS, Chennai

“This is a unique book narrating stories of young men and women struggling to make the right choices regarding their education, vocation and relationships. This book serves as a handbook for young adults and guides readers to follow their calling.”

Dr.Hamsa Natraj

Head & Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Mount Carmel College, Autonomous, Bengaluru